Hendrikus Landscape & Design is one of the world’s leaders in the field of landscape design and installation. Founded in the early 1970’s, Hendrikus’ European background and diverse experience has inspired unique and sustainable designs for privileged clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

His insight encompasses the aesthetic, the organic and the structural in a manner that uses the fractal relationship between them to create incredible depth of beauty, flow and longevity.

The Hendrikus difference is stunning.


Hendrikus Schraven

“The #1 comment we always get is ‘Wow, the landscaping is amazing! or, it’s like being in an arboretum, or a park!’ People don’t realize the amount of work that goes into creating a beautiful landscape so that it looks like it was nature at work.”   

Jim Solimano, Attorney, Seattle WA

Hendrikus is an award-winning landscape and organic soil expert, the  founder of Hendrikus Landscape & Design, and the father of neofractal™ landscaping.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Hendrikus’ upbringing on a traditional organic farm taught him natural methods of working the land and understanding the important role of soil ecology.  His early work years gave him clear insights into structural applications and design, practical experience in land preservation and a strong ethic in the use of organics.  Later, his classical European training in centuries-old methodology of construction and landscape reinforced his knowledge, skills and close connection to nature.

Hendrikus has become an American pioneer and thought leader in sustainable design.

Hendrikus discovered the Pacific Northwest with its natural spirit and beauty while still in his 20s.  Within two years he established his landscape-construction operation in the greater Seattle area.  However, his family and business ties to Europe remained.  In 1986, after completing several landscape and construction projects in Europe, he formally shifted his focus to the United States where his burgeoning business had expanded dramatically.  Hendrikus remains committed to ensuring he never loses the values embraced by his parents or the European excellence for which the brand is known globally.

Hendrikus is also a noted expert in soil. Because soil is the base of any ecosystem, Hendrikus has been retained by government and private clients to consult on projects involving wildlife, fisheries, forests and property.

Mastery of all phases of landscape and exterior construction stems from Hendrikus’ European background and his many years of personal hands-on involvement in his projects.  His design concepts, his diverse skills, his integrity and demand for excellence continue to earn him the highest environmental and design awards given by local, state, national and international organizations.  Hendrikus is the recipient of over 70 industry awards.

Rather than emphasizing straight lines or borders, Hendrikus’ landscapes come alive by leveraging the scale and structure of plants, stones, trees and elements of the land: fundamental neofractal™ philosophy.  With the deepening understanding of fractals and their role in nature, Hendrikus coined the term neofractal™ to best describe his unique approach to landscape.