Erosion Control

Often, the very setting that offers a dramatic landscape is the same element that poses an erosion control challenge. Be it a hillside, lakeshore, or sweeping vista, the aesthetic and highly functional control of erosion is essential to give the landscape longevity. To do so organically, with stunning aesthetics is one of Hendrikus’ fortes.

Hendrikus’s approach is the vanguard of innovative, natural solutions to erosion. His methodology in erosion control and landslide restoration is changing how architects/designers think about erosion problems.

Instead of simply controlling erosion, he prevents erosion altogether with organic soil technologies that do not erode. His approach allows for design opportunities that don’t exist with conventional erosion control solutions, as well as exceptional environmental benefits; little or no sedimentation next to lakes and streams – ground water recharge – promoting diverse wildlife health – maintained organically with no need of pesticides.

Decades of experience and his in depth knowledge of how to respond to nature under erosion conditions create a solid structural integrity in his landscapes that withstands the test of time … and nature. Aesthetic, functional and structural integrity are witnessed in every landscape.