Storm water runoff and excessive rainfall are a frequent, and often expensive, problem that damage landscapes and property. Hendrikus is a recognized leader in solutions that manage landscaped property with designs, engineering techniques and natural vegetation that retain, absorb and route excess water away from where it can do damage.

His bioswale technology takes the concept of ‘green infrastructure’ way beyond the standard norm to create solutions that diminish the need for pipes, concrete and pumps while creating aesthetic flow-ways for water that blend harmoniously with the garden or landscape, and are often focal points of beauty.

Hendrikus uses the living resiliency of the land to accommodate storm water, taking the entire property into perspective and treating the soil as part of the solution. The soil has a living potentiality for absorbing, conserving, filtering and guiding water in even the toughest of conditions when it is handled correctly within the entire scope of a project.

With this approach the landscape actually prevents the real loss of property, home, expensive repairs, and wildly expensive corrective construction.  Bioswale construction is almost always far less expensive than the “gray” standard option. Hendrikus’ projects have proven that they outperform standard methodology both structurally and aesthetically.

Hendrikus approach creates living bioswales that are beautiful and long-lived, healthy and functional, and perform superbly even in the toughest of conditions.