Hendrikus was born on a traditional organic farm in the Netherlands, raised to understand and value the soil; how it works to create and sustain plant health, and how to keep it nutrient-rich and alive.

His family experienced firsthand the negative impact and problems that chemical use brought to his farm when his father tried the “new” methods of farming that were promoted after World War II.  That experiment was short-lived, and the family farm soon returned to the organic approach.

With this experience and knowledge in place, Hendrikus created Hendrikus Organics EssentialSoil™  in 1990.  EssentialSoil™ is a topsoil engineered to promote rapid healthy root growth.  It also remains stable on steep slopes without slumping or eroding, even when installed over long distances on steep slopes.

At the same time, in response to the lack of organic fertilizers available, he developed his own formulas in order to naturally enrich his soils and landscapes. His brand, Hendrikus Organics Fertilizers, is now well known for its unparalleled results by growers, farms, landscapes and gardens.

Today, Hendrikus Organics is a division of the Hendrikus Landscape & Design.  Hendrikus’ methodology, organic fertilizer and soil blends have been adopted globally as industry standards.

To quote Hendrikus, “it all starts with the soil”.  The healthier the soil becomes, the easier it is to maintain healthy plants, healthier water, a healthier environment and a thriving landscape.

“We saw immediate results as soon as we started using Hendrikus Organics. Our new plantings had the best first-leaf growth of all my 40 years of growing peaches!  The trees were so healthy we were able to minimize costs of disease and insect control, and increased our harvest dramatically. We continue to use Hendrikus Organics with great success.”

Farmer Al, Owner, Frog Hollow Farm, California