Water Garden Paradise, Hawaii

Design of the many passages of open sweeping spaces, and intimate courtyards, was combined with an integral celebration of water that combined view of the ocean with major water features in the landscape. The grand entry over the Balinese-style water garden courtyard embraces and penetrates the primary house structure. The overall landscape that surrounds the main residence, guesthouses, and caretakers house contains majestic graded areas along with many intimate garden experiences.

This project contained design and construction challenges that ranged from large-scale infrastructure logistics to small-scale handwork and craft.

The courtyard began with a challenge that entailed a detailed renovation and complete waterproofing of an existing large pond in the entrance courtyard, which had insufficient infrastructure and strength. Several methods of waterproofing were used including a state-of-the-art technique that is used in the military. Custom boulders were used to conceal the edge and create a natural pond appearance.

Infrastructure challenges including solving a saltwater intrusion problem from the well pump which would’ve killed all plants, a sophisticated and coordinated irrigation system involving 5 separate controllers for both turf, agriculture and detailed ornamental gardens, and extensive reengineering of the drainage and storm water system.