Salmon Creek/Waterfront Estate, Mercer Island, WA

Initial site development by building construction of this site left the natural creek in highly erosive deplorable condition.  Restoration of the creek and shoreline was one major challenge.  An additional shoreline beach was installed along with integrating all facets of the landscape, which ranged from detailed bridge stone masonry to planting.

Aesthetic challenges involved reinforcing the adjoining salmon stream,that experiences high winter fluctuations, with stone “armor” that contributed not only to fish habitat but the aesthetics of the entire project due to its high visibility. Major boulders were used to reinforced stream bank walls and support a brigade over a large culvert.

A single stone bridge was installed both for access and visual drama in a key part of the stream. The car bridge was built partially from stone masonry to remain in keeping with an old third world style and feel of the architecture.

Site management was provided to carefully manage waterfront work both for the sensitivity of the shoreline and the Eagle nesting spots in a single Doug fir tree on the shore line.  The combination of EssentialSoils and organic maintenance strategies created a toxin free, sediment free condition.

A diverse assortment of planting types was used for habitat and visual expression of color contrast and texture.  In some cases special field transplanted contorted pines were used to fit into specific spots between stones to appear windswept.