NeoFractal™ Design

Hendrikus has been known for his talent, insight and exceptional attunement to working with nature for over 30 years. His approach is fractal in nature, and therefore the coining of the term ‘neofractal™’ to describe his work.

Traditional landscape design feels linear or flat compared to the aliveness and vitality of a Hendrikus neofractal™ landscape. Neofractal™ landscape design may best be imagined by looking into a kaleidoscope where each plant and form reflects and heightens the impact and scale of the plants and forms nearby, amplifying the structure of the design to energize the landscape. Walking through a Hendrikus landscaped property is akin to twisting the kaleidoscope. The results of his approach are astonishingly different and beautiful.

Hendrikus’ neofractal™ landscapes are intelligent designs that integrate integrity in infrastructure and creativity of hardscape with customized soils and select plants that minimize long term care and maintenance. Neofractal™ unites every facet of the landscape, resulting in an exceptional and sustainable landscape that will last 100 years.

“Hendrikus is ingenious, a landscape artist as opposed to a landscape contractor. We have large gardens and it was an expensive project – what he created was way beyond our expectations. His artistry was totally worth it. He clearly knows what he is doing and he is a pleasure to work with.”

George Rondeau, Attorney, Seattle WA