Switching to Organic Fertilizer is easier (and more affordable) than you might think!

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

Contrary to some opinions, organic fertilization and sprays are not more expensive than using a chemical approach. Yes, pound per pound you can purchase synthetic fertilizers cheaper. To this, however, we need to add the cost of the chemical pesticides and herbicides that are an important adjunct to any chemical program. We need to consider the cost of increasing frequency of applications as the effects lessen over time. For the homeowner we also need to consider the array of concentrated toxic chemicals that are purchased, each to handle a specific disease or pest, the unused quantities lining the garage shelf and needing a hazardous waste receptacle for disposal. No, a chemical maintenance program is not cheaper; not in the long run.

Using organic fertilizers and sprays is a long term approach where over time the results get better and better as the costs become less and less. Creating a sustainable garden, where the plant materials are fed from a healthy soil food web, produces a garden that in not too long a time needs very little additional material to maintain its balance. Periodic fertilization to replace organic matter, and compost tea applications to fortify the microbial population will be all that is needed to keep your garden healthy and disease resistant.

And then, there is the cost to our environment – an issue to which a price cannot be attached. What cost do we put to our water? What cost do we put to our health? Without clean soil, we have no clean water. Without clean water, we have no clean soil. And without clean soil and clean water, our food is contaminated. Only an organic approach will guarantee the health of our planet.

With today’s high tech organic fertilizer blends and sprays, using organics is just as easy as applying conventional chemical products. In fact, it is easier. No worry about what is absorbed into your skin or inhaled into your lungs. Switching to an organic approach is safe, easy and economical.

Hendrikus Organics’ products are certified organic and can be purchased from our website.